As many of you reading this may have gone to the Norwich game or listened to it on the wireless / interweb, you will have noticed that we played reasonably well, and completely battered Norwich City.

Glenn Murray seemed to have a blinding game, and got his first hat-trick for his second spell at the club, he looked overjoyed about it, Dunky popped up with one of his headers and The Magician Knockaert put the cherry on the top of the cake, to have us all bouncing in the North Stand.

I also saw pictures of Chris H smiling at the end of the game, this is also out of character for the ever so serious one, Move over Jose, the NEW special one is coming.

Alex Pritchard seemed to be getting a bit of stick, for his apparent U turn in the summer. I heard booing and chants of “you should have come to a big club!” being bandied about, and I for one was one of these, therefore I think that they were completely within the banter region, however I am also conscious that we didn’t waste our transfer budget on him, and for that I am grateful.

I thought the Norwich Fans were fab after the game, not seeing any issues between the fans, in fact I saw some of them chanting “we’re F***ing Sh1t” and having some banter with the Albion fans, before going for a beer in the North Stand after the game. I remember being humiliated at West Ham a few seasons ago and all I wanted to do after that game was get out of dodge, so fair play to them for sticking around.

We played really well, but I still don’t think that we played the best we can, and I actually wonder will we every play to our full potential, but I have to admit – we were looking pretty good.

We are keeping close to the Geordie boys, and one slip up from them could see us go ahead, but in the same vain we have to beat everything that gets put in front of us. I know we are not going to win 5-0 every game, (this was one of those special games), and we may have to win ugly and pick up the odd point when out on the road.

But for the moment I am going to enjoy this moment and look forward to next Saturday when we visit Bristol. I have a special memory of going to Ashton Gate, not that this is a great stadium, but because it is an old school ground, with a low roof, half seats, and the ability for us to make loads of noise. I am sure that the visiting fans will do our boys proud and travel in numbers.

It was clear that the 12 man really worked for us on Saturday, and was the best atmosphere we have had THIS season, and was almost as good as the Sheffield Wednesday game at the end of last season.

Anyway whilst we still can, let’s all enjoy this week and please be nice to any Norwich Fan’s you come across, as we know getting humiliated does hurt when you are on the back end of them. But seeing as we weren’t on the back end of this, and it is no more than banter – please fill your boots.

So Battered Canary anyone???

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