Well it has been one hell of a week, allegations of Bungs being taken for players, how to get around FA rules, the England manager stepping down after 2 months in the post (at least he has a 100% winning record).

I cannot name people names against these allegations – but anyone that watches the news, reads a paper or even views on the interweb will know the names of the people implicated. Obviously not all of these are proven to be found guilty so we have to assume that they are not, but as you know mud tends to stick somewhat.

In between all of this the Mighty Albion were a party to a 0-0 Bore draw with the tractor boys. This proved to be a fierce battle that the Albion should have won on paper, but we should have won a lot of games over the years on paper. The beautiful game is fortunately not played on paper, but on the hallowed turf, and this one seemed to be an off day. Or did Ipswich actually turn up for the big game, sadly their fans didn’t.

Sometimes Brighton have been called boring, dull, hopeless even. We have also been told we are brilliant, what we are is inconsistent – if you had watched us against Barnsley we were almost world beaters, if you had watched us at Ipswich we were clearly not. I have often said watching the Albion is like riding a roller-coaster, not sure whats coming next. This was even more the case in the days under Gus Poyet, he was a great manager for the Albion, that managed to attract some wonderful players (Vincente springs to mind) but he had his head turned by the allure of fame and fortune in the Premiership.

I hope he never had any Brown Envelopes in his desk draw, Chris Hughton’s team is not so much full of superstars, but one of hard working players (ok we have a couple of amazing players) but they are an honest bunch of lads, who do try to play a entertaining style of football, but with that comes the games when they clearly are not the better team, sadly that often comes when we are playing away.

But would I change any of that for a team full of superstars that had been brought in on the back of some dodgy deal?

No way…..

So as this investigation unfolds throughout football, it will be entertaining to see how many other managers walk away from their jobs, or get sacked. I for one want to see this sort of business outlawed, because I know if I were approached in my day to day job, as much as it would be tempting, I would refuse said bung, because I couldn’t live with the guilt and the lies that would need to come with it.

I would like to believe that the Amex and Brighton and Hove Albion FC is a Brown Envelope free zone….



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