So the team are having some hot weather pre-season training in Tenerife, it has been reported that they will have up to 3 training sessions a day, whilst staying in a 5 star hotel, before having a game between themselves behind closed doors. I am led to believe that Glenn Murray has also flown out today to join up with his new team mates, and will hopefully be on a road to full fitness before very long.

With his reported injuries over the past few years, let’s hope that Glenn benefits from having a full pre-season under his belt.

In my opinion he is a great signing, and will thrive off of the crosses of Skalak and Murphy, and then obviously If fit the like of March & Lua Lua, he may even form a formidable partnership with Hemed, being fed balls from Kayal and Stevens. All of this is mouth-watering, and may even give some young teenagers a bit of a semi (we all know what hormones do to you!!).

Does this squad, scream Goals to you? I think we have enough up front quality for the time being, albeit I would like to have more competition for the front two spots. It is the back that is a concern for me. Yes we have Connor and Lewis rock solid in the middle, with the BFG waiting for one of them to slip up; we have the aging Bruno still wanting to get a nose bleed running up and down the line, and Bong / Rosenior clambering over the LB spot. Is it me that just thinks we are still lacking in that area, even if it is for cover?

However I have trust in Chris and his team to bring in further resources to cover these weak areas, and after the season we had last year we can only try and push on once again.

The difference this year is that there will be added pressure to the players, after the fantastic season we had, expectation will be high, and we all want to deliver against that. None of us want to have a season like we had the year before, when we were holding on for survival.

I have great expectations for the future, because the past was highly overrated……

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